Krijg te land 1940 1945 PB

The War Commemorative Cross (Dutch : Oorlogsherinneringskruis) is a military award of the Netherlands. The medal was established to commemorate service to the Kingdom of the Netherlands during World War II. The medal was established on 16 March 1944 by royal decree of Queen Wilhelmina

Oorlogsherinneringskruis (OHK)
The Oorlogsherinneringskruis (War Commemorative Cross or War Cross) was instituted by Royal Decree Nr. 6 on March 16th 1944. The decoration was intended for military in Service of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dutch People or Dutch subordinates that served on board of Dutch Merchant or Fishery ships in Dutch or Allied service and Dutch Citizens or Dutch subordinates that were part of the crew of an airplane from the Dutch civilian Air Services in Dutch or Allied service. To apply for the decoration one had to be serving for six months in service since May 10th 1940 and had to have shown good service and behaviour.

At first the same design was used as for the Ereteken voor Belangrijke Krijgsverrichtingen, but without the text "Voor Belangrijke Krijgsverrichtingen". For the ribbon, a total of nine bars were introduced, five for Common Service and four for Special Service.

Common Service :
 "KRIJG TER ZEE 1940-1944"
 "KRIJG TER LAND 1940-1944"